Curried Eggs by Fannie Farmer

The notable Bostonian chef, Fannie Farmer, has supplied us with many historic recipes, one of which is curried eggs.  Her recipe is simple and only calls for very few ingredients: hard boiled eggs, curry powder, flour, butter, pepper, salt, and hot milk.  

I recreated this little dish mainly due to curiosity and an overabundance of eggs (I have too many laying hens). When following the original recipe, I found the texture a little too soupy (i.e too much “hot milk”) and the predominate flavor curry.  With such few ingredients, it is no wonder that all the flavor was lended by my store bought curry spice which tended to be more sweet than savory.  

After making this dish by the book and finding it disappointing, I decided to give it another try. Finding the curry too sweet and the hot milk altogether lacking, I decided to make some changes. To brighten this dish, I used coconut milk instead of “hot milk”.  Additionally, I also decided to try a different curry powder to bring more savory notes to the eggs. Here is the new recipe:

Heat butter in a skillet.  Add flour and spices to skillet stirring constantly.  Gradually add coconut milk until smooth and combined.  Finally, add chopped egg into sauce.

Tasting Notes: I served my curried egg concoction over toast.  While my updated version was better than the original recipe, it would not be my “go-to” breakfast option.  Perhaps if you served the eggs differently it would balance the flavors more.  If you should be brave enough to try Fannie Farmer’s curried eggs, I would suggest serving them over steamed rice and sliced avocado.

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